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Racine Chiropractors Offer Relief, Healing & Wellness Care

Welcome to Fisher Chiropractic

At Fisher Chiropractic, our friendly, compassionate team helps all ages of patients achieve greater well-being. Racine Chiropractors Dr. John Fisher and Dr. Kathy Kulba understand that your needs are unique to you, and that you require a care plan that’s customized to you. We’re dedicated to help you reach your health goals!

Our Mission

Racine families love Fisher Chiropractic Center, Inc.

Racine families love Fisher Chiropractic Center, Inc.

To remove the interference which is preventing our patients from reaching their full health potential. To guide patients to restoration of health, function and vitality.

Since 2003, we’ve been serving the Racine community with natural, effective and safe health care. Our chiropractors are skilled in varied techniques that are suitable for everyone, from newborns to senior citizens. The youngest patients we see are babies just days old, while the oldest are well into their 90s.

Rejuvenating Your Well-being

Chiropractic can enhance your health and help you live a life of abundant wellness. By removing the interference to your nervous system that causes pain, disease and discomfort, we’ll allow you to express your greatest capacity for health.

Our practice is also geared toward rehabilitating the spine so that we can eliminate or reduce the likelihood of your problems returning. Our intent is to restore the function that has been lost, then teach you how to be a caretaker of your health. Additionally, we offer

Department of Transportation physical examinations.

Are you wondering what we might be able to do for you? Contact us today to arrange a consultation and find out if you’re a good candidate for chiropractic care! We look forward to meeting you.

Dr. John Fisher | Racine Chiropractor | Phone: (262) 554-6449

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